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How much does it cost?

Our total legal fee is $5000.

This is the only amount due to our office to represent you and your spouse from the moment you hire us until your spouse is approved for permanent resident status.

Our services include expert preparation and filing of both the spouse visa (if necessary) and I-601 extreme hardship waiver; unlimited consultations with Attorney Michael Cho via telephone & e-mail; constant updates on the status of your case; timely notification of changes in immigration laws and procedures; as well as attentive support throughout the National Visa Center and embassy interview process.

This offers our clients an estimated savings of over $1500 as compared to what comparable immigration attorneys may charge.

Other immigration attorneys routinely engage in the practice of charging double fees: one to file the USCIS petition and another to support your spouse during the consular interview phase.  We firmly believe in providing our clients trusted and experienced legal representation from start to finish at a single affordable fee.

We represent you and your spouse from the moment you hire us until your spouse safely arrives back into the United States.  More importantly, our focus on representing the immigration needs of international couples has allowed us to maintain a very high success rate on all I-601 waiver applications we have prepared and filed since 2002.

The USCIS government filing fee is $675 for the immediate relative petition.  

The I-601 “extreme hardship” waiver filing fee is $1050.

There is no USCIS filing fee for the K-3 spouse visa petition.

After USCIS approval of the immediate relative petition, you must pay a $325 application fee  and a $120 affidavit of support fee to the National Visa Center.  Your spouse also needs to pay for a medical examination before his or her consular interview.  There is now a USCIS Immigrant Visa fee of $165 which must be paid after approval of the immigrant visa but before departure for the United States.

At the current time, only the I-130 immediate relative petition is being processed by the USCIS (since there are no long delays that require issuance of the K-3 spouse visa).

However, if the K-3 spouse visa becomes available once again, the K-3 spouse visa requires payment during consular processing of a $265 visa issuance fee.  Your spouse also needs to pay for a medical examination before his or her consular interview.