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The Law Offices of Michael S. Cho has secured H-1B visas for a wide variety of professionals with backgrounds in medicine, accounting, finance, marketing, languages, computer engineering, environmental engineering, education, health, sciences, business, graphic design, and other specialized fields.  We provide experienced and trusted legal counsel on the H-1B visa process for both start-up companies and multinational corporations who rely on us to secure work authorization for their most valued employees.  We represent clients located throughout the United States and around the world.

All of our clients receive VIP treatment consisting of the following services:

Unlimited consultations with Attorney Michael S. Cho.
You always have access to an experienced attorney who will answer all of your questions from the moment your case is opened until your H-1B visa is secured.  We utilize the latest in secure technology to effectively represent our clients located throughout the U.S.  Video conferences are available with attorney Michael S. Cho so that all your questions can be answered in face-to-face meetings regardless of where you may be located.
24 hour / 7 day a week access to the Client Update Center.
All of our clients may request access to our online case management system, which allows them to monitor the status of their case as it progresses from filing to resolution. All important USCIS correspondence and receipts are electronically scanned and can be made available to you confidentially through your own personal account so that you never lose track of important dates and information.
Instant digital access to every document in your legal case file.
Every single document you submit to us along with all USCIS and U.S. Department of Labor correspondence and receipts are electronically scanned and securely stored with our law firm as part of your digital case file.  This has proven invaluable for our clients located throughout the world who require instant access to critical documents before embassy interviews, USCIS appointments, and other important events.
Expert attorney preparation of your USCIS petition.
Your petition is personally prepared and reviewed by Attorney Michael S. Cho and meticulously checked for accuracy.  We try to make sure that EVERYTHING is done right the first time, so that you avoid unnecessary delays and USCIS denials. We help you gather all required Supporting Documents, complete all USCIS forms, draft a thoroughly-researched legal memorandum, and submit everything in the most expeditious manner possible.
Constant monitoring and advocacy on your behalf.
Our work does not end with the submission of your petition. We keep tabs on your case as it is being processed, keeping you up to date on its status.  The vast majority of our clients encounter no delays or problems with their cases due to our experience and expertise.
Expert attorney guidance on meeting U.S. Department of Labor regulations.
The U.S. Department of Labor requires strict compliance by the employer with H-1B specific regulations that include posting requirements, documentary record-keeping, and labor attestations.  Failure to coomply with these regulations can result in serious penalties for the employer in the event of an inspection or audit.  We provide employers with everything needed to comply with these regulations and provide trusted legal counsel throughout the H-1B visa process.
Preparation for consular interviews.
Foreign workers who are outside the United States will need to attend an interview at the U.S. embassy to obtain your H-1B visa after the petition itself is approved in the United States.  We help you gather all supporting documents and can prepare the consular forms needed for your interview.  Other immigration attorneys routinely engage in the practice of charging double fees: one to file the USCIS petition and another to support you during the consular interview phase.  We firmly believe in providing our clients trusted and experienced legal representation from start to finish at a single affordable fee of $1500.  We will represent you from the moment you hire us until you receive your H-1B visa and safely arrive into the United States.
Continued immigration support.
We can continue to monitor your immigration status even after your case is resolved to ensure that you never fall out of legal immigration status. We try to inform you when additional filings or actions must be taken and handle everything in the same professional and expeditious manner as before.  We also advise you on the fastest route to obtain a green card should the employer be willing to sponsor the employee for U.S. permanent residence.


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